Upcoming events

Fifteenth Hakone Annual Chakai
Sunday, September 20th

This event is held annually at Hakone Gardens to give the local practitioners of Japanese Tea Ceremony the opportunity to practice their art and share their skills with other members of their community and the public. The general public is also welcome and can enjoy the spectacle of dozens of people in traditional Japanese attire in the garden in addition to being able to attend the various tea ceremonies.

To participate, please
click here to download the PDF file and follow the instructions on it.

Hakone Centennial Gala
Sunday September 27th

Purchase tickets online(click above) or at the gift shop.
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The 4th Annual 7-5-3 Photo Shoot
Saturday November 14th.

Shamisen Concert
Sunday November 15th.

Public Tea Ceremony

Third Sunday of every month

from April to November

(It may be canceled without notice. Please check with us at 408.741.4957 or events@hakone.com)

Seatings at 12 noon, 1 pm & 2 pm

$7 per person, in addition to garden admission fee

For larger groups or inquiries, contact John Larissou at larissou@gmail.com

Event announcements can also be found on the  Hakone Facebook page.